do the right thing

Growing up, we are taught to “do the right thing.” As adults we begin to see how convoluted that concept really can be. Recently, our neighbor came to the door, asking if we had seen anything odd while outside, as someone had evidently “seen their computer through the window and walked in and grabbed it.” He then proceeded to tell me (we are new renters to the neighborhood) that “nothing like this has ever happened in the 20+ years they had lived here.” Later, I came to find out that the wife had moved the computer and I realized he had come over and insinuated theft before even asking his spouse about it. Needless to say, it rubbed me wrong. So my dilemma became this – overcome my struggle with people-pleasing and confront the offense, OR, choose to smile and let things stay peaceful between myself and a neighbor. I chose peace. Oftentimes what might seem like the “right thing” won’t bring us to the end we desire, or to the best possible scenario. Few decisions can be made without carefully considering long-term goals, as whatever we sow we will reap. Knowing where you are going, and what bottom-line values you have for yourself and your family, can help make those on-the-spot decisions a little easier. I choose peace and harmony today.


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