Don’t Go Into the Light

I have some new basil starts in my kitchen window. Every morning I turn them as every day they begin to slowly bend towards the window. Not being outside, they don’t have the opportunity to head straight up towards the sun. As we know, plants will do all they can to find a way to the light.

So do people.

There is a part deep inside us that recognizes our Creator; acknowledges the existence of something (or someone) greater than ourselves. Throughout our lives we seek for that light. We yearn for it. And while some find that which our soul cries out for, others are deceived.

It’s so easy to get off the path. Every day we are bombarded with promises of light, of greatness, of fun and excitement. There are shiny cars and shiny women. Blinged out toes and brilliant homes. Money and sex and fame all glow so brilliantly and we know we need it all because it’s the main message we receive all day long – through media, internet, music and entertainment it’s all been laid out for us.

In the end, though, there is no light. Those who “make it” often end their lives early as the deception eats at their hearts and souls and they bury the pain with other artificial light – drugs, alcohol, divorce, deception – push us off the tracks once more. Soon, like a flower planted in the shadows, we begin to fade and wither.

There are those who believe that the light lives inside of us. And to a large extent that is true – when we ask Jesus into our hearts, He does come and reside within us. It all seems so complicated at times, but the beauty and brightness that we seek lies not in anything outside of what we already have, but in the grace and potential we possess within ourselves to give and receive love.

Seek an everlasting light. Press pause on the lies of the world and sit in the quiet and peace of true, clear, restorative and brilliant light. Let the love of God permeate your soul and be full.



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