I don’t think most people completely understand the depth of their value and impact, on those around them, and to their world. Certainly, even more difficult to grasp, is the idea that what we do today, no only effects our tomorrow’s, but also our eternities. Recently, I read an article about a girl who was dating a boy, and sent him nude photos that were later used by him to blackmail her. They were in high school, and ultimately, the release of this media brought about great judgement, embarrassment, and consequences that I am certain never occurred to her in the moment when she originally sent them. I shared this with my teens, knowing that sometimes their discernment with social media does not always reach the level that it needs to in order to consistently use these tools responsibly.

Nothing on the internet is ever really deleted.

Last week my husband was discussing the application of a potential team member – the first thing that his supervisor did was to look up her Facebook account. What we “put out there” matters. Similarly, what we express, do, share, and sow, will ultimately always be “out there” spiritually. Not only do we see the fruit, or lack thereof, in this life, but our choices echo for all eternity in the lives, and generations, of all we come in contact with.

Whether it be money sent to missions to build a school where those children will start a new legacy of educated and employable citizens, or we share love with an unlovely, and stop a cycle of violence or dependency, or even share the love of Christ with a stranger…all we do can effect (either negatively or positively) those whose lives we touch on a daily basis.

Never for a moment doubt your viability. What you have to contribute has more far-reaching implications than you can begin to imagine. Be intentional. Echo well.


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