embrace and soar

At one point or another, I think we’ve all heard, or said ourselves; “When it rains it pours.” or “It’s always something.” It certainly can seem at times, that life relentlessly brings waves of trial – sickness, broken relationships, unexpected bills, struggles with children… I know I have definitely longed for seasons of rest from the turmoil that comes in to derail me from my sense of peace and balance.

Recently, I heard a statement that I have begun to implement in my vocabulary more regularly. “Embrace the blessings AND the challenges of this life.” It seemed a bit too sunny to me for a while, as some of my challenges of late have been pretty intense. And yet, as I have begun to embrace the statement, it is making a subtle shift in my response to life.

Every situation brings an opportunity to learn something. For example, when sickness comes to our home, I learn which things work best to move it back out more quickly. My winter-time regimen is far different now than it was 10 years ago. I am also more diligent in my prevention and we now rarely deal with things like colds and flu (with the exception of one particular member who refuses to regularly take his herbs! 🙂 )

Even seasons of great loss can bring opportunities. You learn who is really committed to your success, and how close God truly is to your situation. You gain insight to deeper and richer relationships, and realize how far you’ve grown since the last time you dealt with such pain. Life is to be enjoyed. All of life. Grab a hold of every opportunity to exercise your faith muscles, take authority over your life, and move forward. The bottom line is, the struggle will come;  but when refuse to be paralyzed, we allow ourselves  to be propelled.  Embrace and soar!


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