Many years ago, I was in counseling, working through the pain of my divorce. And of course, as with any good therapist, we worked out all aspects of my life, not just my failed marriage. I will never forget when she told me that as I got healthier and learned to set boundaries, I would struggle with those closest to me because I would be changing the rules (of interaction).

As I worked through the process and was learning how to co-parent with my kids’ father, one family member in particular really struggled with many of the decisions that I made. I am not certain which was harder; walking through that season of life, or battling another person’s opinion of my choices while in such a dark place. It was a struggle…

When we choose to see the differences in others as merely different facets, we are more able to be accepting. A person’s choices does not necessarily define them as a person. Further, as a general rule, people are not all good or all bad, but rather, we are a complicated blend of both. Each of us is so intricately and specially designed, and we each have our own story, our own journey to take. Grace and acceptance of where people are at in their lives not only frees them to be who they are, but allows us to walk in freedom as well. Most “truths” are merely opinions, and when we begin to recognize the many facets God has positioned in other people, we begin to freely experience more of God within ourselves. 

Rather than being critical of the path another person is on, or their actions or mistakes, open your heart to embrace who they are as a human being. Allow for mistakes. Love. Receive love. Forgive, and receive forgiveness. It is in this way that we find joy in the human experience. It is here that we discover our full purpose.





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