equilibrium and boundaries

I’ve been really challenged over the past several months with some thoughts and feelings that have been difficult to quantify. While I understand that emotions are not necessarily reality, and should not govern my decisions, it’s also true that they are an indication that something is wrong, a compass of sorts, that either reflect brokenness within myself, or in my environment. Regardless of the source, “disturbances in the force,” as I like to call them, require response. The struggle in restoring my equilibrium is discerning if the break lies within, or demands external boundaries.

Yesterday I posted a rather enigmatic statement about being in transition. While I don’t intend to be mysterious, my heart is to remain transparent in communicating that my life, like everyone else’s, is a struggle sometimes, while still maintaining a safe parameter in not sharing full disclosure with those who may not respond in a manner beneficial to my journey.

Following my post, nearly immediately, I received a text from a dear friend, who oddly enough, hasn’t always been someone with whom I have shared a lot of my free time, but who always seems to be there with a timely word in the exact moment it is needed.

It’s a funny thing, friendship. There are those with whom we minister, some with whom we play, others speak into our lives in the most tangible of moments and those who are here for merely a season. Every relationship finds its place, and each reflects a different facet of the character and nature of God.

Maybe that’s the most valuable lesson we can learn in our journey with others – acceptance for the position they are designed to hold in our lives.

Without expectation.

It is a very easy thing to want more from one another, and oftentimes unmet expectation brings us to a position of disappointment. When we fully trust the process, however, we find ourselves free to walk in more perfect relationship. As we are also allowed to be who we are called to be, we begin to walk in true authenticity.

I’m grateful for those who bring so much to my life. Support. Dissention. Challenge. Anticipation. Loving correction. A quiet ear and a godly perspective. While I have yet to know where this transition is taking me, I am confident I don’t walk alone.


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