even you

I sent this to a friend today and wanted to share it because I believe it will speak to other women and friends as well. As precious as this friend is to me, I know in my heart that God shares this same passion for each and every one of us… Yes, even you!!

“Life is a journey, my friend, and I am so hopeful that God will begin to reveal His plan for you, your marriage and your family soon. God brings ALL things to good for those who love Him and I see already the good things He has done in strengthening you and establishing you in faith. Your value is infinite and His plan for YOU, perfect. He is aware of every thought, every fear, every hope, dream, love and tear. He has counted the number of hairs on your head and sings over you while you sleep. And while you wake. Surely He won’t let you fall and will reveal where to step and which way to turn every single day. I can already sense a strength and passion in you that is different than what it’s been. You are strong, beautiful, wise, passionate, capable and powerful. You are a daughter created in His image – walk in the anointing that He has given you. Everything else will then become more clear.”



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