evening musings of love

To truly love another person, we must be willing to love them for all that they are, and all that they are not. Also, in order to walk in fullness of love for ourselves, we must begin by loving others. If we cannot accept people, including ourselves, for every facet and idiosyncrasy, we are not fully loving.

God loves us, knowing we were flawed. He designed us in His image, but we are not God, so we are still not yet perfect (the only perfect one was Christ). To criticize or hate another person for whatever reason, is to deny the God-design we ourselves walk in. Beautiful, and flawed.

Loving another person does not always mean being in relationship with them – sometimes, for whatever reason, they are either not good for us, or us for them. Like pieces of a puzzle, many of us don’t completely fit. That does not, however, negate the mandate to love our brother and to support them in their quest toward the fulfillment of their destiny. It is healthy to know when a relationship is unhealthy. Then, depending on the nature of the relationship, evaluate whether it is designed to ultimately derail us from our own God-appointed plan, OR, if the friction in that relationship is actually meant to help mold us into our destiny.

As the bible states; iron sharpens iron.

Our most difficult of situations can at times be the one thing that helps us to grow into our purpose.

Where are you being propelled to? Who is directing you? Are you making decisions out of faith or fear? Love or hate? Who do you need to love and what are you learning even now in your pain.





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