family crests and coffee mugs

Pouring my coffee this morning, I grabbed my TRC (The Rock Church) mug. It gets used nearly daily, but today I looked at it a little differently. Today, I realized that those initials on the front of my mug are really my family crest.

When we align ourselves with Jesus, we take on a completely different identity. No longer are we merely a Jones or a Robinson, but we take on a new legacy; becoming heirs to the throne of Christ. Just as a person takes on the last name of their spouse or adopted family, so we take on the inheritance of our Heavenly Father.

Church is merely a collection of people who gather to find fellowship with like-minded people, pool resources to effectively serve and support their community, and grow in their faith. It’s not a building per se, although it’s certainly warmer to meet one than not! My particular gathering of people has encouraged, inspired and supported my family in more ways than I can count. Yes, I have a family of origin, but I am now blessed with an extension that further propels myself and my children on to our own personal and corporate destinies.

For many of us, we define ourselves by where we’ve come from. With Christ, I can choose to define myself by where I am headed. I love my mug – it reminds me of who I am – and that’s a beautiful thing.




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