fathers, dads, deadbeats and GOD

I have a lot of thoughts on the subject of fatherhood, and while I usually love to share all my musings, I feel like keeping it simple today.

Not everyone has a good dad. Some have no idea who their father even is. Many are blessed with amazing parental units.

Being a dad is hard. Being a father is even harder. Being a good father takes intentionality. (Not a real word – it’s mine. It works).

There’s a huge difference between creating life, and nurturing it.

Regardless of who your father is, you will be blessed if you honor him for his position in your life. Even if he is merely a donor.

Boundaries are always healthy. You can honor from a distance if needed.

A good friend once told me in my pain that I have the parents I have so that God can mold me into the person He designed me to be.

God is a good dad. When you can’t get what you need from your earthly father, seek your heavenly one.

When you DO get what you need from daddy, thank your heavenly dad. And give an emotional orphan a hug.

If your dad is in heaven, bless you. His love for you  never dies.

An amazing woman, Lisa Bevere, came and spoke a few years ago to our church. She said to the women of our house, “If you don’t have the mother that you need in your life, become that mother to someone else.” Same thing with dads.

Don’t let Father’s Day get you down, or stir up old pain, or new pain, or create a chasm or a list of “shoulds and should nots.” Give honor, give forgiveness, allow grace.

And give the rest to God.

Happy Father’s Day to ALL the dads.



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