freedom flow

Watching a friend struggle with feelings of doubt and frustration, knowing there was something wrong, but not knowing what it was, it was difficult to not come to their aid. Sometimes the greatest pain in life is knowing the truth, as another wrestles to discover it on their own.

So often, we think our “private” sin, or unseen weaknesses or vices don’t really affect those around us, but the truth is, any time we are not living with complete authenticity, those around us can feel it. We may feel we are “getting away with it,” but in all honesty, we are only hurting ourselves and those around us by denying the depth of relationship that would be available to us given an open flow of dialogue and honesty.

I joke sometimes that it’s a “disturbance in the force,” and truly, it pretty much is. Most of us love being in community and want people there for us, but balk at the facet of relationship that requires transparency.

Who do you need to get right with today? Does it need to start with yourself? A mirror and some dedicated time in prayer helps us to get things in order; it opens doors to channels of healing, and allows the Holy Spirit to do its work.

None of us wants to hurt those we love, nor do we desire to achieve anything less than all the good things God promises. His Word says that His mercies are new every morning. Let His freedom flow today.


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