gardens of revel

In my quiet time this morning, thoughts of all the shaking in this country, even across the world, came into full view. I closed my eyes, coffee in hand, and began to just ask the Holy Spirit to speak to my heart.

I began to think about gardening.

Okay, cliche’ I know, and honestly the theme of many biblical parables, but visions of churning soil came to mind, nonetheless.

In the spring when we are preparing to plant new things, we dig up the soil, move it around, add compost, release that which is hard or stale, and allow fresh air and oxygen to gain access to the earth, pulling away any weeds or dead leaves to expose ground ready for new life.

That, my friends, is what we are seeing today.

No longer can Christians merely exist behind a facade of niceties and philanthropy, often sidestepping the truth and conviction in the Word of God. Gone are the days of fitting in, as we are being pressed on every side. Standing in godly conviction now means hate, even now to those who once pursued and led in the ways of the Lord. The idea that we are to be in the world, and not of it, has taken on a fresh lens through which we can now more clearly see hearts exposed, and towers fall.

If we claim to love Christ, while aligning our beliefs and loyalties with temporary and trending cultural values, we ourselves have already fallen.

As terrifying as the world seems right now, this is perhaps the single greatest opportunity for us as believers to walk in a renewed conviction; a fresh revelation as we are being called to dive into His Word, not merely another’s interpretation of it. Fullness comes through the rhema Word of God. Our sole source of wisdom, peace and direction must come directly from the bible, and the bible alone.

Never before have I embraced so wholeheartedly the truth that knowing what God’s word says, studying and praying, are no longer nice little checks on my spiritual and “good person” to do list, but absolute oxygen to my soul. To my identity.

To my very existence.

Do not miss what God is doing in this season. We are being allowed a window of opportunity to choose, to truly know why we believe what we do, to learn WHO He really is, and to step into ALL that God has for us. To seek, absorb, and revel as He reveals…


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