get a handle on it…

This morning I had the opportunity to speak to one of my children about their direct disobedience of a family rule. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a “minor infraction,” but the foundation of it is still defiance. When asked about it, I was told that they felt it wasn’t a very valid rule and decided to go and intentionally break it.

Driving my two high schoolers to school, we talked about what happens when we sin. According to bible, sin separates. In this situation today, sin also separated. You see, God doesn’t turn His back on us, or take away His love, but when we step outside of His laws and safety nets for us, a distance is created. Just as, when our kids go against their family code or culture, there is often an awkwardness and discomfort between the parent and the child.

The Native People would cast out those who did not want to operate within the constructs of the established culture. They were always welcome back if they wanted to join in and be a part of the unit, but  peace, harmony and cooperation were crucial to survival back then. I hazard a guess that today, even with all our modern whatever, that such foundational elements are still vital to a thriving and functioning family unit.

My main point to them this morning was that just as an umbrella covers and protects us from the rain, so does honoring of our parents, and our God, keep us from getting soaked by the storms of life.We still might get a little wet, but we will be protected from getting drenched.  The Commandment to “honor your mother and father” comes with a commanded blessing – God promises that if we do, we will live a long and prosperous life. Honoring authority in our lives, even if we don’t always agree, will bring with it blessing. If not by our earthly authority, by our Heavenly Father.

From the time the kids were little, I have always told them that my job is to keep them safe and healthy. They may not always like what that looks like on a daily basis, but they don’t always see the big picture. So it is with us adults – we may not always see the wisdom in God’s ways, but ultimately, He’s got a little bigger handle on the eternal perspective. Sometimes we just need to walk in agreement. To do anything else will only separate us from the love and covering we so desperately need…



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