giant circle of love

This morning I am just thinking about friendship. It’s like a dance, I think, as we get older. Time, circumstance, work and simply life in general can separate, sometimes even sever relationships. But what is marvelous is that true friendship ebbs and flows like the tide.

We’ve had some pretty big changes in our family recently and the outpouring of love and support has been nothing short of miraculous. It’s nearly overwhelming and has brought me to tears so very many times. I am so completely blessed and cherish the moments I have had with loved ones recently.

In talking with one dear one yesterday, we both shared how much it’s meant over the years, to be able to give, and to receive, from one another. Our community of people just goes in a circle – when one is down the others will pick them up – their turn to help will most likely be just around the corner.

It’s like a giant circle of love and it’s so very good.





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