gimme a break!!

I have often said that football is life, and this past weekend’s Seahawks game once again solidifies for me this foundational truth. In a post game interview, Richard Sherman made reference to the missed kick that sealed our win, as a “break.” He said, “we never get a break.”

Every game gives way to a small window into our own lives in quick snapshot form.

There are highs.


Proud moments.


Opportunities to adjust attitude.




And through it all, you can always count on the commentary of others.

Could have…

Should have…

Would have…

I think more than gaining a glimpse into what we experience, is an opportunity to reflect on what our response is to the ebb and flow of life. More than whether we’ve given our all or not, whether we have made good choices or fallen short, the question is with what attitude do we move forward. And, with what spirit do we choose to view other people’s journeys.

It’s pretty easy to have an opinion from the sidelines.

Once again, I am so grateful that such public leaders in our community reflect the faith, humility and personal responsibility that I strive to exhibit as well. It is so easy to boast or blame; not so much to walk with such grace. As I train up my kids, it is remarkable to have their “heroes” set the standard I hope for in the next generation. For myself.

In the game last Sunday, we had the privilege of watching two of the greatest groups of athletes in the country, do some serious battle, under some unusual and challenging external circumstances. In the end, the tenacity and talent of both teams took a backseat to one moment in time. Many would call it “luck.” Man, don’t we all love those times in life when we ourselves get a break??

Who can you grace today? How are you approaching your own life battles? What is your response to those fighting alongside you?

Could you offer a break to someone in your life today…?





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