glorious ruins

I’m sure I have mentioned it before, but both my son and I am on the worship team at our church. While I sing background vocals, my oldest leads vocally, plays guitar and is a leader for the team in many facets.

One particular song he used to lead is called Glorious Ruins, by Hillsong. On its own, it’s a beautifully written song, but the way that Ayosgi would lead it was so very powerful that I cried each time I heard him sing it. Many a person came up to me during that time to ask if he had recorded it; that they wanted to listen to it over and over. Most of them would be in tears, as the Spirit had moved so freely in my son’s worship.

Worship isn’t about singing a few songs, but ushering in the very presence of God. Asking His peace, presence, power, healing and revelation to come and marinate our hearts as we pour out our gratefulness to His great and loving nature. It’s a sacred thing; an honor, and absolutely vital to spiritual growth.

The same song came on this morning in my quiet time, and I reflected on these past few years watching my child become this amazing, humble, leader. There is something so powerful when we allow one another to walk in who we are anointed to be. To fall under the leadership of my son, is to honor God and His plan for Ayosgi. And, His plan for me. In the natural, he is my child, and he honors me in that way, but in the spiritual, he leads me. It is a beautiful thing to walk in our anointing, even more beautiful to honor that in someone else.

Knowing  who we are, and recognizing who those in community with us are, frees us to walk in a deeper understanding of God’s nature, and in a greater authority in who we are. When we begin to walk in the fullness of this truth, we are better able to see life and it’s purpose through God’s perspective.

If you are still seeking who you are, longing to discover your specific design and purpose, ask God to show you who those around you are.

Start with your family. Look into your church community. God’s many facets are reflected daily in the lives of those we are blessed to walk with. Like a giant puzzle, we each join fitly with one another when we lay down our expectations and allow God’s plan to unfold in our relationships.

My heart today is that we each would continue to come to a deeper understanding daily, of the intricacy and beauty in God’s design.




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