go karts and trophies

Driving home this morning from dropping the older kids off at school, my 5-year-old shared with me that he’s “always wanted to see a tractor and a race car.” Now, of course, living out where we do, he has seen both in his short life, but evidently his memory escaped him this morning. I smiled and said, “Well, I am sure we will see a tractor again soon. And, we can go to the races this spring and watch Pastor Jeff race.” JD laughed and said “I don’t want to watch Pastor Jeff. I want to watch daddy. He raced a go kart and won a trophy!”

It was so hard not to laugh out loud, and so simultaneously heart-warming, to think that he would rather watch a go kart over a real race car. But a few months ago, he saw the trophy that his daddy had won while at a team building event. He even acknowledged that Pastor Jeff’s trophy was bigger, but he still wanted to watch my husband whiz around the track at the speed of…well…our car in the school zone on a Monday morning…

It just reminds me that we all are “somebody” to someone. We may feel like we aren’t as talented, or rich, or famous, or skilled as another, but to somebody, we are everything. It’s humbling and a good reminder to not only value what I do, but to mindful of who I choose to be to those around me.

Who knows, your little go kart might be just the inspiration your kid needs.


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