good, bad, human

Yesterday I was playing referee between my 7 and 11 year old littles and we had a fantastic conversation about our spiritual gifts.

In our space, we acknowledge and actively work with the reality that with every gift comes what we call the “dark side.”

For instance, one of my children’s giftings is the ability to maintain a singular focus, and is not moved by fear of being on stage, what others might think of her, how another might react to her “performance.” She is confident in who God has designed her to be. She also tends to struggle with the ability to see outside of her singular focus and goal in order to pause and be able to recognize, let alone respond, to the verbal and nonverbal cues of those around her.

Similarly, my 7-year-old believes strongly in what he has learned is right, and in justice. When others do not seemingly hold to these same values as firmly as he feels they should, he is very passionate and can become irrational and unkind.

As we were discussing the light and dark in each of them as it unfolded into disagreement, I mentioned something my oldest used to struggle with, to which my youngest responded, “It’s hard to imagine that.”

It made me smile to know that the evidence of our ability to overcome our personal struggles and weaknesses was made to clear to my younger two children in that moment. The person they know their brother to be today, although not perfect, has a much better handle on his own shortcoming than he did when younger. It is evidence not only of the power of prayer and a life submitted to the Lord, but also gives hope that no matter what we are born with, born into, or have personally chosen in this life, there is always an opportunity to grow and change.

Today, be encouraged that no matter what your child, or your spouse, or family member, or friend, or YOU, are working out, that there is always hope for personal growth and beauty in fullness of the knowledge in who we are – the good, bad, and human.


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