good, bad, ugly and molding

Growing up, I was a bit gun shy when it came to “church people.” Not only had I been warned about them growing up, but the 80’s were an interesting transitional time for the church. Needless to say, I loved God, pursued Jesus (in my own, ebb and flow way) and steered clear of mumu’s, potlucks and large displays to ‘evidence’ the Spirit.

When I finally acknowledged the chasm I held in my heart, I began to search diligently for a place to belong. Somewhere I could grow in faith, knowledge and relationship. I started to recognize my need for community and was so blessed when the kids and I found our little church in Ellensburg.

Over the years that seed has grown into a beautiful flower. God directed me, through a high school friend to a church in Seattle where He grew my faith, healed my heart, and allowed me to break out of some of my fears as I began to learn the joy and blessing in serving others. By the time God called us to a home church closer to our own neighborhood, I was on the worship team, in the choir, and taught Sunday school. It was a lovely time of self-growth.

We’ve been planted at The Rock for about 10 years now. The ups and downs have been marked and not always easy to navigate, as God has shaken up, stirred, loosed and solidified areas of my life that have needed molding. It has been the hardest, and most rewarding, journey I have taken next to marriage and motherhood.

And it’s been amazing.

One of the most wonderful things I have learned is how much more I want/need to learn. How far I have come, and how blessed I am to have made it this far. Every day is a journey, and I am so grateful to have those days – good, bad and ugly.

Sometimes, the thing we most fear is the thing we most need to face head on. If you have been on the fence in your spiritual journey, take the plunge. Dive in. Do it different. Take a risk. There is nothing to lose and more to gain than you can possibly fathom.





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