grab a mirror

I’ve been paying closer attention to what ruffles my feathers lately. Turns out, the person that frustrates me most, is me.

Growing up, my life was crafted carefully around the desire to be liked, to be a “good” girl, to maintaining the peace and keeping the waters calm. As an adult, I struggle with the careful balance of honoring those around me, being flexible, while still respecting my own time and values.

One of my greatest struggles is in protecting my time – in learning to say, “no.” Or, in creating enough margin so I can say “yes” to things that I value  (ie: coffee with a friend or a date with my husband). Most days, my life is run in circles by the schedules of my many children.


I can find myself frustrated when I feel as though my time is not being honored, and I am oftentimes irritated with another person, when really, I am simply disappointed in myself for not letting them know it doesn’t work for me.

This year, as I continue on my journey towards Christ and fulfilling His purpose in my life, I am also committing to loving my neighbor as I learn to love MYSELF. When we are out of balance, we are not complete in our capacity to effectively pour into others. And, we set a horrible example for our children. And, we dishonor our Creator when we abuse his creation.

Take care of you, always take careful inventory of your choices, and if your feathers are ruffled, grab a mirror.





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