greater capacity

Have you ever felt like you were stuck? Prayers aren’t being heard. Life isn’t changing. It seems like everyone else is moving forward and your feet are firmly planted in emotional and situational cement.

There are days I am quite certain God isn’t answering my prayers.

This morning, I pulled out an old coffee mug I haven’t used for years. Somehow it made its way to the front of the cabinet, with my assortment of mugs from our travels and those special gifts from friends fading into the back. It looked warm and familiar, and I studied its familiar lines while the java dripped…

Nearly to overflowing.

It’s been so long since I’ve used it, I had forgotten how small it really is. Most of what we use now are oversized and are more than sufficient to hold the standard setting on our coffee maker.

I am used to a greater capacity these days.

It hit me that maybe sometimes, God allows us to revisit an old pain, or situation, in order for us to become aware that our capacity has changed. What was just right before is not enough now. Or, what worked in the past just doesn’t apply now. That person to whom your body responded to with anxiety and sadness, now brings only a twinge of sadness. The coworker’s attitude that usually draws out your snippy side, now receives more grace than not. The pain of that loss, when faced with a memory, doesn’t sting quite so much.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in familiar situations to have the opportunity to handle it better or to learn the lesson we have not yet learned. Other times, I think we are just being given a clearer picture of how we HAVE grown, that God IS helping us move forward, and that there is more grace and deeper capacity than yesterday…

Pour yourself a cup of joe, take a deep breath, and know that you are well on your way!


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