grow up

I wonder sometimes how long it’s going to take me to grow up. Oh, yes, I am responsible and have raised my kids for 15 years now and they’re all surviving… but there are days when I face some of the same old demons I have fought for years and I find myself so discouraged that I seem incapable of handing over these issues to God and walking away once and for all.

Walking out salvation is hard.

One of the most beautiful, and time consuming, elements of salvation (a redemptive and submissive relationship with Jesus Christ), is the process of working out our sins. A sin is anything that falls short of God’s perfect plan for us – from gossip to legalism to personal insecurities that prevent us from being the light and life that our Creator has planned for us. The trick is in remembering that it’s a process – sometimes God simply heals us and we are free, but oftentimes we walk it out, choosing faith once again every new morning.

And so while I sometimes sit down in the mire that than collect around me, making mud pies instead of reaching up, I can look up and be so grateful that my Lord is always there to help me back up. And, one day, I will grow up.


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