guns and the good news

In the wake of the shooting in Florida yesterday, we are once again engulfed in the seemingly endless gun control debate. Somewhat reminiscent of my college days, where the never ending struggle was the issue of nature vs nurture, it seems there is lots of discussion as to the why, but rarely any agreement on a viable answer as to the how.

My personal lifestyle philosophy is personal accountability, and I honestly don’t believe you can ever make enough rules to create the perfect society. Collectively, WE, are society.

We, as adults, who continue to stir up strife, focus on the problems rather than proactively pursuing solutions, and funk up our cultural atmosphere like a self-indulgent family member who stirs up strife with their never-ending toxicity. Meanwhile, there seems to be no understanding of the tone we continue to set for a younger generation, not yet even biologically mature enough to process truth and long-term consequence through the self-serving haze. Our youth are growing up with more challenges than any generation up to this point; but with fewer tools and absolutely no solid foundation on which to stand.

We take away personal responsibility and declare there is no longer value in operating by a moral compass because we all want to live out our “own truth,” then are shocked when emotionally or psychologically broken humans with no other recourse for their pain, anger or disillusionment, choose their “own truth.” 

At some point, there have to be a least SOME foundational pieces we can agree on. Sadly, we continue shouting at one another, refusing to listen, while our kids flail in the wake of our pride and ideologies.

Our kids and communities need action, not ideologies. 

There are so many practical things we can do within our communities to proactively help keep our schools and common areas safer –

promote/support levies that fund mental health professionals and professional security officers in schools; head up a fundraiser to put security systems into place; fund, volunteer with, and promote groups like WatchDOGS in your local schools. You do not have to have a student to volunteer your time to our future – serve! Use your own voice to ensure that the atmosphere you are personally creating values honor, respect for others and personal responsibility. And, expect it from others.

We didn’t get here overnight and we won’t get out that way, either. The truth is that evil will always find a way. It is completely illogical to believe that stricter laws will change any of this – it’s just one more means through which we as a society promote division. Truly, the best defense is a good offense.

As Christ-followers, we are mandated not to only pray for our leaders, but to put action to our faith. To merely sit back and point fingers at those in power, and neglect shouldering the responsibility of the mantle placed upon each one of us, is to neglect the very essence of our purpose – to be His hands and feet. 

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, Because the Lord has anointed Me To preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives, And the opening of the prison to those who are bound”
Today, pray about what He has called YOU to do – what is your part to play in those things which stir in your heart. Take your passion, fear, anger and sense of injustice and use it to seek out how you can make a difference. Faith without works is dead…

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