handing them a fish without a fishing pole

It’s always a good idea to grow, in every area. To be honest, I have not been super diligent to read other people’s blogs – especially if they are long. I have short bursts of time online and I “get in and get out, ” for the most part.

Today, however, I read a fabulous blog on parenting and I was truly inspired.

So very often we can choose who we are going to be, design a plan that supports those ideals, and then fall right back into what is easiest or what we’ve always known. This morning, I realized I have fallen back.


I have realized that I truly am not instilling into my children the work ethic I desire for them. We talk a lot about it, and they do contribute, but I have been really soft in consequences and consistency. They have an awful lot with very little effort.

Of course, compared to their friends, they are not spoiled at all, which of course brings up my other weakness – keeping up with the Jones’s. While this is not my own personal ideal and I strive to stay away from such comparisons, my own struggles with lack push my heart to give as much to my kids as I possibly can.

However, am I giving my kids all I can if I am merely handing them fish without a fishing pole??

We are on a new schedule as of right now. The big kids don’t know it yet as they are not here, but life is already visibly changing for my 8 and 4-year-olds. It’s time…



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