hands and feet – the comparison game

It is easy to look around at the accomplishments or accolades of those around us and feel as though we have missed the mark. Perhaps you don’t do this, but I often observe my peers (via proximity or similar age) and can be challenged by what I perceive to be success that has exceeded my own. Days when I am weary, it can become a stumbling block for my vision, and my faith.

It is important to seek revelation of who WE are called and designed to be.

1 Corinthians 12 tells us that we are each one uniquely crafted and placed – in our homes, our churches, our workplace and relationships – every one with their own contribution, not one more important than other.

“And the eye cannot say unto the hand, I don’t need you;  the head can’t say to the feet, I have no need of you. And some of the parts that seem the weakest and the least important, are really the most necessary.” (1 Cor 12:21-22)

I have spent years, precious energy, and tears, chasing after and longing for, things never intended for me. The pursuit of that which is outside of our purpose is expensive, and ultimately bankrupts our souls – not because God is unfaithful to fulfill those things which we have been called to, but because we don’t yet have the revelation that it is not His best for us. God loves us far too much to help us succeed in an area that does not serve us, or those around us, to its greatest capacity.

This past year my word has been “metamorphosis,” and it has been the cry of my heart to be open to whatever changing is required within me to move me in the direction of my destiny. Letting go of expectations, intentions, habits and even value systems has been a journey of epic, and sometimes, painful, proportions. However, as we head into 2018, I am excited for what is to come as I am learning the intrinsic value of rest, being true to self, and walking within the parameters designed just for me by the God who created my heart.

Today I would encourage you all to reflect on the goodness of God this past year – the lessons, the breakthroughs, the areas of loss, and of gain – and be prepared to head into the next just a little more equipped for what is to come.

You already have within you, all the things you need to become the best and brightest version of yourself.




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