happily seeking (bob goff)

Our church is reading a book together this summer, “Love Does,” by Bob Goff. I started a little late because to be perfectly honest, I am extraordinarily particular in whose writings I really enjoy. When I finally picked it up, weeks after its Amazon arrival, I was giddy to see that the forward was written by my very favorite author, Donald Miller.


So, contrary to my usual MO, I actually read the forward, and dove into the book headfirst. To say that I am enjoying it would be an understatement. I can hardly put it down, and it is sure to be done by tomorrow (with the exception of the final chapter, as I won’t be able to bear it being done. Similarly, I have also reserved the last chapter of my most recent Donald Miller read for the past week for the same reason).

What is most striking to me in reading it is –

1. How timely it is for the season I am in.

2. It’s extraordinarily confirming.

3. I am seeing doors fly open in my heart that I either had thought would never reopen or had forgotten even existed.

The basic premise, to me anyway, is that love does. But it does on the daily. It is not something we schedule, plan or create a system for, but rather it is who we are. For years, that is how I operated. Then, for quite a while, I found myself doing way more “should’s” than merely “being,” and as my eyes were slowly opening to the revelation that the “should’s” were slowly killing me, Mr Goff just confirmed for me exactly that.

I am not certain if it’s being a child of the 70’s and really identifying with the whole gypsy-hippie thing as a youngster, or finding anything rebellious and free-flowing to be most appealing, but in my heart of hearts I am not a systems person. I tried and it kills my spirit, really. The most powerful moments God and I have had have been in puddles on the floor, in the wind on mountain tops and in prayers over perfect strangers. Reading this book has not only reminded of how powerful God worked through me in my life historically, but it’s pointing me back to the person I was designed to be all along.

Now, not to say that there is not a place and time for a plan. For some, that is what they need to operate. But for me, putting God into even the tiniest of parameters is stifling and I long to feel free to just blow where the Spirit would take me. Once again.

My prayer for you today would be for you to begin on your own self discovery as to how you are wired to do the things you are called to do. The most beautiful thing about a relationship with a living God, is that the possibilities are endless, and the Creator of the world is so multi faceted, there are truly no limits as to where and how you may go in this journey we call faith…

Happy seeking!




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