hiccups and compassion

Ever since the beginning of the year I have been trying to access the website for my kids’ school so I can keep up on how they are doing in their classes. For some reason, my particular computer won’t allow me on. I can get in on everyone else’s laptop and my phone, but this silly netbook just doesn’t work well with their program. Sometimes, I can feel that way about certain relationships in my life as well.

This morning I found myself again frustrated – in the middle of a communication meltdown.

Why is it that some people can ebb and flow nicely, easily…navigating disagreements or misunderstandings with ease…while yet others find themselves at odds more often than not, completely incapable of coming to a mutual understanding.

I suppose sometimes it’s personality. Other times is mistrust or preconceived biases. Today it was more that I had words I had not yet spoken, and in an effort to say things well without dumping the whole load, it got twisted and truly, it was my fault. I wish it wasn’t and would rather sit on the floor and pout, but in reality, I need to own my junk.

Never miss an opportunity to apologize. Or to forgive. At our core, we are all human and make more mistakes than we get it right. Don’t let your hiccup, or someone else’s,  cause a canyon between yourself and the ones you love. We may not all be compatible, but we can all find compassion.


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