To a large extent, I choose to see things from a wide perspective – there are few “rights” and “wrongs” and shades of grey tinge in nearly every situation. My way is not yours, yours is not mine, and neither of us can get it God’s way 100% of the time. However, when my  husband and I had an argument last night, I was quite certain I was right.

Point #1 – Just because you are extremely passionate about your position does not make you correct, and absolutely does not mean the other person is subsequently wrong.

After considerable dialogue, and once I decided to truly allow myself to listen, I discovered that not only did my husband have an extremely good point, but really, I was dead wrong. And, I was choosing to take a stance that was in direct opposition to my value system.

Point #2 – Sometimes, our emotions and filters can keep us in a cycle that can only be broken by confrontation.

At the end of it all, I grew. And, my Chris loved me enough to grace me in my weakness.

Point #3 – There is rarely change without conflict, either external or internal.

Never forget to embrace the journey – even the bumps in the road – if you aren’t occasionally  conflicted, you will never get where you’re going…

“Only when we choose a lifestyle of choices that violate our stated values, do we live a life of hypocrisy. When we make sporadic decisions that oppose our core beliefs, we are merely human. And, sadly, when we choose to point a crooked finger at another’s “hypocrisy,” we only bring upon our own souls the very condemnation we say we oppose. Self-awareness is the first & most vital step to harmony.”


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