I am guilty – are you?

I think one of my favorite, and least favorite, things about Facebook is the level of anonymity people feel when they post. Even though intellectually we know all can see our postings, there is a part of us that feels comfortable expressing on our page that which we would never say to another person.

There are several friends of mine, whom I truly love, who post often about their opinions. Politically, more often than not. To be honest, I have nearly hidden their posts more times than I can count, but then I remind myself that they are entitled to their opinions and I don’t need to take them personally.

Recently a friend posted that she had deleted someone for their constant political postings that she does not agree with, citing irritation that this friend never shows both sides of the story. The really hysterical thing here is that she herself is so one-sided that she is on my almost-hidden list of friends.

It’s super easy to point fingers. Very comfortable to cast stones. But truly, how often do we do the very thing we are frustrated with others for??

Rarely is there is “right” or a “wrong,” and it’s probably time we all grew up just a wee bit and gave one another just a fraction of the grace to others that we ourselves shout loudly for. I know I am guilty – how about you??


One Reply to “I am guilty – are you?”

  1. I totally agree, exceptionally well written. I have my own views on a good many things, politics included. Still, when I am able to read or hear the opinions of others that contradict mine, I like to think it is an opportunity to broaden my perceptions as others see life.
    Those who continuously repeat the same political lines I fear are trying to force their view, and their view only, so that we will agree. Or perhaps, they are trying to convince themselves.

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