Just because it’s hard, does not mean it’s wrong. If a situation is challenging, it is not necessarily bad. When we don’t like something, chances are that to some extent, it’s good for us. As humans, and especially as Americans, we have an aversion to pain. When we face something we dislike, we often push back or turn away.

And yet the only manner in which we move forward is to break out of what was.

A girlfriend of mine recently reminded me of the value of being uncomfortable with regards to our immune system. Research points to cold showers, even just 30-90 seconds long, as being beneficial in promoting a stronger immune system, improved physical recovery, decreased pain, alertness, and even increased mood. Discomfort, if only for a miniscule amount of time a day, can radically change our health. And our life.

I am pondering how that translates into our emotional, relational, even spiritual lives. Choosing to take ownership of our weaknesses or blind spots, taking full responsibility for our choices, releasing others into forgiveness, gracing ourselves, changing learned responses and sacrificing time for the more meaningful of pursuits, can seem daunting, exhausting and completely counter-intuitive.

Extraordinarily uncomfortable.

As children of God, we are not created for mediocrity; merely surviving, serving only ourselves, never growing, watching the years pass by. The Word tells us we are made in His image. We are to create, love, manifest, design, love and flourish. Such an inheritance comes only through a willingness to actively engage in life and to brave the new (and hard) things squarely with faith and tenacity. Weakness creates soft faith and perishable roots, but courage and conviction strengthen our resolve and tenacity; our spiritual immunity.

Jump into the water, my friend. Jump in.


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