in a box

God does not live in a box, nor does He reside within the walls of a building. He is not confined to the space in between the pages in my bible. He lives in my heart, in your heart. Christ came to obliterate all that would separate us from our Creator. When a soul receives Jesus they immediately gain access to all the richness of life God promised – richness in the happiness as well as the pain. His Spirit moves freely for those who allow, and the peace and grace of God can show up at the most unexpected of times. In my quiet time this morning, there was a healing in my heart. Two hours later, as I was listening to worship music in my kitchen, the peace of God hit me and I had no choice but to fall to my knees in adoration of the He who holds my heart. Tears began to flow, and while they reflected a myriad of feelings and sentiments, I needed not say a word, for I know my prayer was in the water raining down my face. I am so grateful that I do not have to walk this life alone. So amazed at the faithfulness of a loving and personal God who would endure the pain of the cross in order to offer even the opportunity that I might choose to trust Him with my heart. With my everything. Every circumstance, every disappointment, each trial, rests securely in His able hands. May you be free to cast all your cares on Him today as well. And may His love transcend all that you might think He is, to be all that you need Him to be.


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