In Everything.

It’s always wisdom to know who your audience is. To have an understanding of with whom you are communicating and why. Often we can be disappointed or disillusioned when we don’t get an answer we are looking for. One of the greatest lessons I have learned about friendship is that there are those who I love to hang out with – and they are great people – but there are a select few I go to for counsel. For me, it’s important to have people I can trust to be honest with me, and to not allow their personal biases to jump on my pity-party-bandwagon.

Last week I went to a counselor for the first time. She was  reference from a friend of a friend and I had heard great things about her. Out the gate I was a little put-off by her personality, but we had an hour-and-a-half session before us, and I truly believed I could receive some wisdom and clarification. At the end of our time together, however, I was more confused and experiencing less peace than when I had walked in. Still, I scheduled another appointment, thinking perhaps I needed to not judge too quickly.

After some time in the Word on Saturday at an Encounters Retreat, my mind cleared again. There are some bottom line truths in my life and I allowed my mistrust of  myself to set aside those truths temporarily.

*God is a gentleman. Not only will He lovingly bring us to a place of repentance, but He will bring clarification with correction.

*God’s timing is perfect – He never just yanks out sin or lack in our lives, but rather will wait patiently for us to hand it over.

*No matter what degree someone has on their wall, or many scriptures they can quote, their perception of God and what He is doing in your life can be twisted or misunderstood.

*Our faith walk is exactly that – OURS. Only a person who has proven their love and loyalty to you should speak into your life and even then, weigh all counsel against the counsel of God.

I think I need to find someone else to talk with next time around. My life is rooted in the foundation of Christ and who He is; it’s important that whoever I trust with my struggles also lives a life of active faith. Within those boundaries, I can be assured that even if we disagree or have to do some hard work, I will still know that at the end of the day, Jesus is on the throne. In everything.


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