incomparably unique

I talk a lot about filters on my blog. It’s really one of the most essential concepts to really grasp if you want to truly be able to love all of God’s people well. (And that includes ALL people!) We are all so different, and even those from the same family or the same side of the tracks can have differing perceptions and realities based on personality, value system, experiences and values.

Like God’s many facets, we are each incomparably unique.

Recently I began a book recommended by a friend – it’s a tool to learn how to communicate more effectively with persons who, because of chemical and/or environmental variances, don’t perceive information to the same understanding and degree of what the majority of the population would. It’s  more extreme than merely differences of opinion and such relationships can cause pain to all involved.

It’s been a challenge for me personally to read, and while I believe it will be helpful in the future, I am also finding myself re-evaluating how I choose to convey my own thoughts and feelings. One is never too old to grow, learn and change, and we won’t ever “arrive” until we leave this world for good.

Keep your mind open. If you truly love someone, do all you can to understand where they are coming from. And at all times extend a measure of grace; looking for an anticipating the best in people. A shift in our own filter could make all the difference.


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