inspired. now.

Watching the events in our country over the past twenty four hours, I am heartbroken. angry. thoughtful…


This. This space we are in, is the fruit of decades (nay, hundreds of decades) of God’s people choosing, even demanding, their own way. Modifying truth. Twisting justice. Deferring to anything other than the sacred words of the very One Who created us. We have traded peace and unity with Him and with one another, for cheap imposters of perceived freedom; self-proclaimed autonomy and godship.

God isn’t done waking up His people. Do not be dismayed nor dissuaded by those whose hearts are hard and heads are dull. Eyes have been blinded, and those whose heart is for pointing people to Jesus, is what He is working on in this season. This time of shaking has been one of separating the wheat from the chaff. Such has been the assignment of the Lord for Trump. Darkness is being revealed so no one can say they were not given the chance to awaken.

The Word says it is His will that NONE would perish.

To be clear, I stand for principle, not party. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy. Period. This is where we all choose if we are truly people of Christ or not. Core values don’t shift with the wind or situation. Double standards reveal immorality and immaturity. Some of us have had our own dullness revealed and it is time to repent. There is little time left and we cannot miss the opportunity for clarity.

2021 is the final call for believers to step into their authority and to lead with wisdom, compassion, godly truth and God-designed justice. We must refuse to be moved by the wind blowing through the misguided mouthpieces of the day, and instead choose to sit under the breath of God’s Spirit. Prioritize holiness, time spent lingering in the garden of God’s written word, and under the shade of prayer. Listen. Be strengthened. Receive revelation and bring every opinion, word, situation and choice into the light of divine principle.

The time is now.


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