I was speaking recently with a woman who has shared some absolutely amazing stories of miracles God has allowed her to be witness to. Her faith is often so inspiring to me and I always enjoy our time together.

During this particular conversation, however, she expressed some areas where she has been really struggling. For a small moment, I was surprised she could ever doubt, given what she’s been privy to. And then I remembered how very many people in the bible struggled with that as well.

And, so do I.


God is not easily understood; I think that’s one reason his son, Jesus was so important to our beginning of understanding of Him. Even more so is the capacity of the Holy Spirit to direct, guide, and speak directly in to our hearts in a way that bridges the gap between our human minds and the Creator of the universe.

I remember once going through a book of prayers with a friend where I found her hand written note, expressing her desire for God to move in a particular area. As I read it I became completely overcome, remembering us pouring out our hearts to Him just shy a year before. Then, completely humbled as I read it to her and we both realized God had answered it but we hadn’t even realized it was an answer to prayer.

How quickly we forget. How easy it is to focus only on that which we have not seen manifested yet.

Today I encourage you to join me in spending a little time writing down all that God has done. All the blessings, breakthroughs and little “coincidences” that have encouraged us to grow and experience deeper faith and healing than we ever could on our own.

Be inspired. Be inspiring.





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