Those who are close to me are aware of some significant events that have happened in my life recently. Coming out of a very dark season, I have been blessed, and challenged, by new opportunities to exercise my faith muscles. From walking with a friend in crisis, while really just getting to know one another, to sitting watch in the ICU with my closest friend/sister, to reconnecting with sisters I lost for a season through divorce, while walking with them in their own tragedy…the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of faith, hope, fear, pain, love and an irrevocable change in my spirit.

Life is short. It’s valuable. And non-negotiable.

What I mean by non-negotiable, is that I am no longer willing to accept where I have been. It’s time to reach for new heights. My desire to learn and grow and change has deepened exponentially. And, my passion for true relationship, and my contempt for toxic relationships, has brought a fresh perspective and depth to my daily existence.

It’s hard to put into words what all has been changing in my spirit. My grace has deepened, while my patience has in some ways, lessened. I want to slow down, go deeper, experience more and fight less. No longer am I willing to pursue empty promises or surface relationships. It’s not enough anymore, to try and fight to keep the peace with those who prefer chaos. My life is rich, and it’s not worthy of the shoddy way I have taken it for granted.

While I don’t wish crisis on anyone, I do hope that we each get the opportunity on this side of heaven to really live. To really own who and where we are. Live your life in a way that is free, powerful, and irrevocable!



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