it’s what you see

This week my prayers have turned to a friend and her family. Her oldest child, taken to the ER for what she thought were side effects from bronchitis, left that hospital and headed to Seattle for a mass near her heart.

Nothing puts personal perspective back in check faster than such an acute need for prayer and divine intervention.

When I sat down to spend time in the Word this morning, I grabbed my journal and my eyes settled on the quote in the upper right hand corner – “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau.

Whether it be a small inconvenience, or a crisis requiring a massive dose of faith and shift in perspective, what matters most is which filter we choose to process with. Even scientists agree with the truth that faith tells us – what we speak and believe is what will most often manifest inside us.  

Today I am challenged to choose. Choose my perspective. My words. To assess what I truly believe and not be moved by circumstance or how things “look.”

I am grateful to see an opportunity for God to move today. For a miracle to happen. Healing to occur. Faith to manifest. For relationships to deepen and a testimony to be birthed.

The greatest joy of community is taking turns holding one another up when it’s hard to see. Hard to stand. Challenging to believe.

Who can you see for today? Who are you praying for and speaking life over? There is no greater honor than to stand in the gap for others. I would ask that you pray for my friend, as I pray for you and all that concerns you as well.

My heart for you, is that in this moment, if ONLY for a moment, we would all see through eyes of hope…



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