keep it simple

The past few years especially, I have become increasingly aware of just how damaging assumptions can really be. Judging another person’s intent, instead of simply asking and clarifying, can be the single most damaging decision we can make in regards to relationships with those around us. Personally, I have watched the demise of a very important relationship to me, largely because of such damaging filters and perceptions.

Naturally, I have now also become increasingly aware of times when I myself will interpret a word, action, or non-action, without clarifying where the other person was coming from. Thursday night brought that very opportunity to the forefront, and today I clarified, only to discover that what I had perceived was “the” issue, wasn’t an issue at all. In fact, there was not any sort of dissention whatsoever.

I am so supremely thankful I chose to simply pursue the truth.

Life is difficult enough, personalities diverse, and goals and priorities so varied, that to complicate matters more simply because we choose not to communicate is nothing more than relational suicide. We need to be especially cautious in close communities like family, work, and church, not to put our own spin, perception, or personal expectation on another person that most likely doesn’t belong to them in the first place.

Keep it simple…

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