Over the most recent months, I have been struggling to heal an issue. We won’t go into detail, but I usually have great success with natural remedies and was really frustrated when my diligence and prayer were not working. (Anyone who knows me knows I rarely will go to a doctor and will avoid the use of chemical treatments at all cost.) That being said, I was a little irritated when I had to go in to see my physician.

Until this week.

You see, while running tests to determine how exactly to treat my symptoms, they found something else. Follow up tests this week reveal a deeper issue I would have not known about for quite some time, and it would have developed into something significantly more dangerous. At this point, the next steps are unpleasant, but effective and nominally disagreeable.

What I realized, yet again, is that sometimes God tells us no. He does not do this to punish us, or to hold us back, because He is a control freak or a killjoy… No, He does this because ultimately He knows everything. Everything! From the beginning of time until its end, and His understanding of what is best for us from an eternal perspective far outweighs our desire for that new job or changed spouse or….

Today, I am so grateful He told me no. Be at peace, regardless of the “yes’s,” the “no’s,” and the “wait.” You’re in good hands.



4 Replies to “killjoy”

  1. Well said, Heather! I look at it this way… We sometimes forget that God gave gifts to doctors, teachers, lawyers… carpenters… for a reason and when we ignore the promptings that send us to another professional, well… we aren’t giving those people the opportunity to live into their God given gifts. I will keep you in my prayers and thanks for sharing your beautiful insights with us. God bless!

    1. Beth – I absolutely agree. I adore my doctor and when my own herbal remedies don’t work, I will always humbly pursue modern medicine. She and I don’t always agree but I trust er explicitly.

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