last of its kind

I’ve had multiple conversations with others about my son’s talent lately. For those of you who do not know us personally, my oldest, who is 14, is a gifted guitar player & vocalist. It’s entirely who he is as person, & his anointing as a leader was evident even before he picked up his instruments. God has a mighty call upon his life, & watching him grow into his calling, as a young man, & a leader on our stage at church, is a true honor. 

Many would think that an opportunity to “make it big” would be a tremendous blessing, & there was a time when I would have agreed. There have been many times I have considered the potential for him to create financial security for himself at a very young age. Truly, there are endless possibilities. 

But a few weeks ago I had a rather intense moment. It was one of those spaces in time where everything stood still & I was given new eyes. He was rehearsing a song late on a Thursday night, & sitting there in the dark, I realized that soon he will be a man. He would no longer be my baby, but in many ways, belong to the church. To God. That he has been mine for a season, but as God has been faithful to redeem the mess of my life & our early years together, He is also faithful to fulfill the destiny & call upon my son & His purpose for him in the kingdom.

God gives us gifts to further the local church. To build up & edify the body. To strengthen us so we can then go out into the world & bring hope; not so we can join the world & leave the church empty handed. True there are times when He sends us out, but given that God is THE creator of all things, the most creative & innovative people should come from His house – from His body of believers. We need to embrace what God calls us to at home before we can ever make an impact on the world.

My son’s name is Ayosgi Uwasa – it means ‘last warrior’ in Tsalagi (Cherokee). ‘Uwasa’ literally means, ‘the last of its kind,’ & my baby really is. He will change the world – wherever God sends him, or keeps him. And he will fulfill the calling on his life. Whatever that looks like, I cannot wait to see!!

Click on his picture and hear a song they did recently for our marriage series at The Rock Church, Monroe.


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