lies…the answer

A friend once shared her concern for a relationship I was in. She eluded to my choosing to walk away from it, saying it was not honoring to God. I took that deep into my spirit and meditated on it for quite some time. She was right, of course; regardless of man-made rules about staying through thick and thin, til death do us part, and a true friend never gives up….At the end of the day, my acceptance of the nature, and depth, of unhealthiness in my relationship, in no way brought God honor.

Something needed to change.

What I’ve discovered is that everyone’s journey is so very unique and different. Each of us has a specific calling, a purpose by design, and what may be the right decision for one might not be for the next. Sometimes it is good to change boundaries, to press in, or to step back. Sometimes we end the relationship. Sometimes we need only redefine it. Or look more honestly at ourselves and our own part in the dissension…

In my situation, I chose to redefine. God has done remarkable things, and I believe that the healing that has evolved is a huge testament to the power of faith and prayer. However, while it has worked in this case, there are other relationships in my life that ended for good, only to reveal new freedom, self acceptance, and fresh relationships in their stead. We can never predict what the outcomes will be – only trust that the Word of God promises He will work ALL things to good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28). He may not cause a situation, but His creativity is unparalleled when it comes to giving us beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3).

If you are facing a relational decision, remember to choose faith first, family second, and all else follows… Take a deep breath, and remember that with the right choice for YOU, comes peace unsurpassed… Therein lies your answer.




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