A good friend of mine moved to another state recently (actually, several friends have left our sinking ship of late….), and to stay in touch we send Marco Polo videos to one another. For those of you not yet introduced to this delightful little app, it is basically texting via video – you awkwardly record yourself talking to the other person, then they (hopefully!) respond in kind. 

Anywho… The other day she sent a video after having come together with a couple of other believers to pray over some deep things, and watching her video, her countenance was different. I could tell she had been in the presence of the Lord. As she spoke words of encouragement over me, as she often does, I was struck by the subtle shift in that moment.

It wasn’t what she said, but the authority through which the words were spoken.

There is a song by Fresh Life Worship called No Shadow. When I first heard it several weeks ago, I loved the imagery of a holy light that would cast out fear, bring with it no guilt or condemnation, and restore a perfect healing and peace. Then, a couple of weeks ago as we were singing, I felt the Holy Spirit speak to my heart that there was someone in the room who needed a revelation of what “no shadow” really meant…

When we think of a relationship with God, we so often experience Him as being afar; in heaven, in another dimension. In some ways this is true as God is omnipresent. It is important not to deflect the truth, however, that His Spirit, when we choose to receive Him, resides deep within our own beings as well. As we allow the Spirit of God to infiltrate our hearts, souls, minds, bodies and spirits; we open the door to an eternal, restorative light that radiates from within. A light radiating from inside, pouring out into our lives, invades every hidden thing, casting no shadow behind it. As God lovingly reveals our weaknesses, brokenness and blind spots, and we allow the truth of the light to permeate and renew those areas, no shadow (guilt, loss, darkness) comes with it. 

His light is perfect and within it there is no hiding our failings – there is no need.

You see, we can’t “fake it til we make it” when it comes to a life given over to Jesus Christ. That, my friends, is religion, and where hypocrisy spreads like a cancer. A truly renewed life takes time, and it allows for the process of gently handing over our inadequacies, lives, our hopes, dreams, and future, to our God as He gently sifts and sorts. 

It is only through time spent in the presence of our creator that we can walk in the fullness of who He is in us. Anything less, regardless of how amazingly gifted or talented one may be, will never be as powerful as the real thing. 

Lord, bring me to a full realization of who You are to me today – what You have for me in this moment. Let me not strive to be better, to do everything right, or to operate in the gifts and talents You have placed within me without the truth of your light guiding it. Guide me instead, in allowing You to work through me in all that I do. Everything apart from You is loss, but to walk in Your presence is gain. Bring light to the dark places of my heart, healing to the wounds, and let Your love within me radiate to those around me – not because of how holy I am, but because the truth of who You are is radiating from within this broken vessel. Bring Your truth, revelation, and meaning to every area of my life today. In Jesus name, amen.




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