live well

Have you ever lost a friend, or family member, to misunderstanding or strife? It can be hard to see eye to eye.

For years I desperately prayed and clung to a relationship that I was quite certain I could fix. “If I say this differently.” “If I am more patient.” “If I pick my battles and not share my concerns to keep the peace.”  “If I try just one more time…”

Recently, another friend with whom I had had a falling out, contacted me and we reconnected. We’ve both had several years of life in which to grow and change, and she apologized for not valuing our relationship at the time. I apologized for hurting her. It was beautiful.

Sometimes we need time. We are all pieces of a big puzzle, and sometimes pieces fit together really well, not at all, or sometimes, just need a little sanding of the edges before finally working well alongside one another.

Allow for space. Grow as an individual. Let those go who bring strife and contention into your world (or you into theirs). There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Live peacefully. Live well.




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