losing your edge

Many moons ago, a blog post that I wrote ended a friendship…

Reading the news reports this past week about the boys in Thailand, trapped deep in cave well beyond reach of conventional rescue efforts, I began to weep and pray. Once again, I found myself blessed with the reminder that most of my prayer requests, tedious whining sessions and moments of sadness over loss pale in the face of true tragedy. A few years ago I found myself feeling similarly convicted – as a person of faith who attends church and dialogues with other Christians on a weekly basis, I certainly have accumulated a considerable list of things I wish were done differently, think I have the answers to, would love to see changed or adjusted…You know, lodge versus speck stuff. 

Truly, at the end of the day, my brain is more cluttered with the obsolete than with those things which breaks the Father’s heart. 

I don’t about you, but there are days when I feel my heart and mind can simply not process any more tragedy – I turn off Facebook, stay in my little bubble, and effectively close my ears to the very things that God would want to have me open up my soul to…

Today’s cultural and political climate is a pivotal and vital part of the growth and strengthening of us as spiritual, and human, beings. Every season of great turmoil brings with it opportunities to decide if we are casual Christians who love our Sunday coffee and pep talks, marginal Christian peeps who pray once a day and dabble in a weekly bible study, or crazy Christ followers who are sold out to fasting, prayer, dying to self and eradicating personal agendas and comfort for the sake of what God would call each of us to do as individuals. Sure, there is a corporate calling, but that destiny hinges on our desire and commitment to walk out what each of is designed to bring to the table. 


I think the reason that sometimes we become offended is that the truth brings with it a sometimes uncomfortable accountability. We see glimpses of ourselves in others, and while some choose to embrace confession and transparency as an opportunity for growth; others feel judged. I get it – I have been on both sides. But in the end, my greatest hope is that in the moments in which I realize my own thoughts and ideas are being elevated above the needs of others, I would embrace such revelation as an opportunity to turn my heart back towards those who need someone, anyone, to join them in their strife. 

When/if you find yourself feeling agitated or even condemned, be certain to evaluate if that input is truly coming from others, or if there is a stirring in your own spirit to grow, move or change. One of the greatest opportunities we have in community is the opportunity to become better. Don’t allow pride or fear rob you of a deeper capacity. 

Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron,
    so one person sharpens another.


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