make my life

I’ve been puttering all morning. Making breakfast, feeding pets, snuggle time with the littles, Facebook, email, laundry, cleaning up cat messes… And all morning long, there it has sat. Looking at me. Waiting. Gently reminding me how much I love to dive in.

It reminds me of  my treadmill. I always feel so much better when I get a  run in. Or my big soaking tub. What’s better than a bubble bath? Or maybe it’s like my coffee maker. Fewer things are quite as comforting as a cup of joe on a chilly morning.

And now here I sit again. Looking longingly at it. Knowing that as soon as I set everything aside, and take just a few minutes to myself, that my day will go better, I will feel more at peace, there will be more grace in my world, and that a long, deep, healing exhale is waiting for me.

Where do you find peace? How do you get grounded? There is nothing in this world that ever quite compares to my time in prayer. Time spent in the Word. When I pick up my bible, it’s Pavlovian – instantaneous bliss. It’s hard to convey, really, to someone who has never experienced it, or who hasn’t given themselves the opportunity to fully appreciate it. Even if I don’t always understand what I am reading historically, or why it pertains, or if it does, to my life, I still get the same benefit.

Imagine, the God of the universe, wanting to spend time with me. Writing me a love letter. Stories of those who have fought the fight of faith, too. Words of encouragement and gentle reminders of who I am and where I am going. Glimpses of my purpose. A path to pursue. Restoration for my very soul.

So. Off I go. It’s time to make my morning. My day. My life…

May you find yours today as well.


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