Merry Christmas.

I used to laugh at people who played Christmas music or decorated before Thanksgiving. Actually, I used to get really irritated. I like things in order, you see, and I don’t like the commercialism of the holidays. It seems to cheapen everything and oftentimes it feels like we just want to rush into things too early.

But this year, I get it.

For just a few short weeks, in the dead of winter (in America, anyway, it’s a summer holiday for some), the holiday season brings a sense of peace. Of wonder. For some, it brings up long-forgotten memories mingled with pain. It’s a time of reflection, of recommittment to faith, of a deeper perspective of family and self. It’s truly a magical time of year.

In today’s uncertain economic, political and religious climate, it’s no wonder so many want to bring out the holly berries a little early. Really, what is wrong with embracing the birth of Christ, the one and only answer to peace in these times, just a little earlier than the calendar dictates?

Nothing. Nothing at all. Feliz Navidad.


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