messy therapy and 30 minutes of revival

Over the years, I have seen different counselors during different seasons, or to help me process and walk through a particular situation. Some male, some female, they have all brought their own unique perspective to the table. (Even the wretched one who started attacking me at our very first intake session; she had an issue with people who approached life from a position of faith). Regardless of the level of effectiveness or relevance, each one has been beneficial, and the time, energy and money is always worth the investment. (Even if it’s merely a lesson learned).

The therapist I see now is amazing. Each visit is paradigm shifting – without guilt or shame attached. That in and of itself is a gift. I always walk away feeling like my head is cleared, my soul intact, and the essence of my being; acceptable – all ares in which I need validation at times.

After I got home I had a moment of Facebook envy (I know, you would think I would be over that by now!), and I was so grateful that I had had the opportunity to clear my head beforehand. Such things are rarely momentary and can sometimes linger and cause doubt in multiple areas (Not you guys, just the ladies. Men are waffles, women are spaghetti. EVERYTHING is connected in the female brain).

It’s messy.

My point, I suppose, is that it’s really important we take care of ourselves. Whether it’s eating well, exercising, praying, acupuncture, massage, therapy or…. we all are responsible for making sure we take care of what God has given us. Life will happen to us, but only we get to choose how we respond and navigate  our lives. We can certainly be disappointed at a choice someone else has made, but the only person who gets to determine the outcome is us.

What can you do today to make your life just a little better? What are you sacrificing by not taking care of your own needs? If we walk around empty and someone takes from us, it might be our fault for not keeping our tank full to begin with. I know I am VERY guilty of that.

Take care of yourself. Take a minute. Make it count. Instead of 30 minutes of tv, try taking a walk, reading, writing, stretching, praying, praising… Let the good things in your world fill you up. You only get one shot at this – make it count.



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