microwave ministry

Driving back from the high school this morning, I was enjoying a particular worship song…singing along…when a random thought popped itself into my brain and I found myself doing the typical girl thing – weaving one thought into another. The next thing I knew the song was ending and I realized I had missed out on a moment. It’s funny how easily we are distracted. Our attention spans get shorter with each generation and our expectations are for microwave meals – no slow cookers here! I can barely finish sending a text before I think of someone else I should connect with, or decide I just HAVE to see what someone has posted on Facebook in the past 2 minutes, or that I absolutely NEED to clean up that cobweb immediately… It’s no wonder most of us struggle to hear the voice of God, let alone even believe He cares, or even exists. We are so wired now to hurry, to “achieve,” to multi-task, that we have lost the art of just living. Of simply being. Our horizontal relationships barely exist above the superficial; it’s no wonder at all that our vertical relationship with an invisible God would bear little resemblance to much more than a comforting fairy tale! Begin today to create space. Give yourself room to grow, to think, to evaluate. Make a moment to look into your spouse’s eyes, or your child’s eyes, and really SEE them today. Better yet, look into your own and check in there for a minute or two. And, while you’re at it, you might just want to allow your Creator to sit down with you as well. Let His heart minister to yours. You were created carefully and intentionally – design a culture where He can finish in you the good work He began…


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