missing it

“For if men do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?” – Jesus said in Luke 23:31; spoken as he was being led to his death on the cross. I’ve actually been chewing on that for a while this morning.

I’ve never read this scripture before, and it struck me at a core level. I was actually just talking with a neighbor yesterday who was sharing her experience in Haiti. So often we hear about communities of people who live in countries less blessed than ours who walk with so much more joy than most Americans do. We have so many opportunities and resources, only to find little more than a consumer mentality and position of lack. The “tree is green” and yet we don’t realize it. We have full access to God, to His Word, His promises, His prosperity and hope, only to slowly whither away spiritually – giving way to greed & fear & unforgiveness…

When Jesus walked the earth, we had God in the flesh. He was here to teach and heal, love and correct. We had a glimpse of His fullness, and yet humanties’ vanity and jealously prevailed… so many missing the opportunity that was right before them.

I wonder how often we miss out, as well. The tree is green, the promises just around the corner, our dreams nearly realized – only to miss it all because it doesn’t look like WE had planned.

I know I miss stuff all the time. It’s my prayer that happens less and less as I choose to sit in the shade and make sure I find my peace in what is already fulfilled. Lord, let me never experience the dryness that comes in your absence…


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