mistaken identity

I struggle with labeling people. I do. It’s terrible and I didn’t fully realize I did it until recently. At the parent partnership where two of my kids attend school, there tends to be a bit of a cultural bent towards self-entitlement – something that is a deal breaker for me on an interpersonal level.

Well, the other day I was super irritated when I saw a van parking up on the sidewalk next to the school (along with several others who had already arrived). Parking is a premium here, and some choose to make up their own rules when it comes to where they set down their tires for the day.

When I saw the driver, however, I saw that it was one of my favorite staff members. I instantly softened, and realized that perhaps staff parked up there so the rest of us had space… Or she was late and couldn’t find anything else…Bottom line is that I know WHO this person is, and I realized that I had mistakenly labeled her decision as one of entitlement, but that is not at all who she has proven herself to be.

Bottom line is that it’s really easy to label or get frustrated, but until we actually know someone’s heart or intentions, we really don’t get to pass judgment on someone else’s choices. Nor should we.

I’m learning as I go. Learning to live and let live can be one of the hardest of lessons sometimes. But, if I desire to be seen for who I am, I must first choose not to mistake another’s identity, either…



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